Who We Are


Tell me if you’ve heard this one: two guys try to order custom manufactured electronics in smaller quantities, and, well, the punch line wasn’t very funny. We found high prices, difficult vendors, confusing order processes, and a total lack of information and feedback.

That didn’t work for us, so we started PCB:NG in 2014 with one goal in mind: let’s be totally different. And by different, we mean better.

Our solution is to automate every part of the process, starting with the way orders are placed using an intuitive, self-serve user interface that replaces emails, phone calls, even faxes. Next step is to let our proprietary software and automation tech do the assembly, driving a state-of-art SMT assembly line.

Our facility is located in Brooklyn, NY, and we’ve been shipping orders almost from our inception.

Want to hear more? Listen to our founder, Jonathan Hirschman, talk about the PCB:NG story on The Amp Hour podcast.

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